The Painter’s Masterpiece

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The picture holds many images

The picture holds many images. There are men, women and children from every nation and
tongue. Dancing, crying, and laughing in complete day’s sunlight.
The others who are awake sleep in darkness, proclaiming of daylights awakening
Singing to endless harmonies orchestrated by a hunger and thirst
For the One delight which fills exists within all.
Mountains vibrate echoes of gratitude and praise where cattle on a thousand hills gaze. While
they who wait in valleys kneel before shouts of despair and faith, waiting to move from this
They look as to decree; feed me, hold me; rock me until I sleep.
All heads are lifted high some are drinking bottles filled of milk and others are eating solid food
Neither substance seems to satisfy as one who drinks milk reaches for the solid food. The ones
eating solid food take the milk from the babies and empty the bottles. It doesn’t look like milk. Is
it lesser substance that malnourishes?  There are beautiful backdrops of endless horizons of every
color imaginable and calming seas with every hue of blue and green in this masterpiece.
The backdrop of this painting was created perfect. The Painter continues to paint.

Jeaniene Bonner Davis

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