Who We Are

Vine Life is a platform; which gives a voice to those who are working in the Vineyard through Christ Jesus for the edification of the Church.

Vine Life is an interdenominational ministry. We connect to the True Vine, Jesus, our Hope of Glory in leading others to the truth through the knowledge of the Gospel. Together we press on in Christ to fulfill our purpose. We are perpetuating a message of love, hope and healing while transforming lives in bringing glory to God’s kingdom.

Jeaniene Bonner-Davis founded and established Vine Life in 2009.

“We are servants of his Majesty King Jesus. We serve as reservoirs of love from whence streams of living waters flow.”

Jeanienne Bonner-Davis September 17, 2013

Published in “POW-erful Quotes from “Every Day Wonder Women.”

Jeaniene Bonner Davis