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My love song to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

Jeaniene Bonner-Davis

Radio Host

Jeaniene Bonner Davis Radio Host

is a licensed and ordained minister. For more than 20 years, she has dedicated her life to the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jeaniene was honored to share her gift of song and worship in 2003, when South Africa celebrated 10 years from the end of apartheid. Jeaniene has traveled nationally and internationally lending her voice in praise and worship, speaking and declaring the sovereign word of God. Currently, she is giving others the honor of lending their voices in the administration of kingdom building on her Vine Life Radio show. Jeaniene also has 20 years of media marketing experience. She has served on many non-profit boards and has received numerous awards for her servitude. Jeaniene is studying English with an emphasis on writing. Her dream is to earn a PhD in English. Jeaniene is working on a collection of devotional poetry and a collaborative novel, slated in publiciation in 2015. Jeaniene has been married thirty-four years and has two adult sons. 


Jeaniene Bonner-Davis

“This time and next, stay connected to the True Vine, Jesus Christ.” Vine Life broadcasts on KDKR 91.3, FM, 97.5 and 99.9